Letter to our valued patients.

To our valued patients! We hope that you are all well and safe. We all miss you and miss your beautiful smiles. It is our priority to create the safest possible environment in order to serve all our patients and keep our staff healthy and protected. We wanted to reach out to you and to inform you that we are seeing patients for emergency dental care at this point. As time passes by we will reopen our hygiene department to get you back on track with your preventive and routine dental treatment. We will screen you over the phone to evaluate if your dental emergency could be managed over the phone, or to schedule you for an appointment. We are presently only serving one patient at a time in the office.

This is a summary of where we are now as far as our office is concerned. Below is a detailed explanation of the steps we took to ensure your safety and the safety of our team.

The flow of your appointment will be as follows.

1. Arrive in the parking lot and inform us that you are ready to be seen via phone call.

2. Upon entering please do not sit anywhere in the waiting room. You will be escorted directly to treatment too. Please keep your mask on, and sanitize your hands. We request that you are not wearing gloves!

3. Answer the questionnaire/medical history update and sign the consent forms for treatment.

4. We will take your temperature and Pulse Ox and determine if you are healthy enough to be seen for the appointment. If your temperature is more than 98.6 or pulse ox is less than 92 we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment. (Pulse ox is not required as per new guideline, but it's an extra step we take to detect possible silent hypoxia that can be happening without the patient knowing). In the end, you will sanitize your hands again while the staff sanitizes the thermometer and pulse ox. You will be given an antiseptic/antimicrobial rinse before treatment.

5. At the End of the treatment, you will be asked to sanitize your hands again and place your mask back on and walk out to check out with the front desk staff.

6. We then will disinfect the break the room down twice. One is for the Standard CDC protocol and the other is above the standard with a Biosurf One Minute Spray and Kill Disinfectant. This disinfectant is the highest rated on the market as far as safety and efficacy. New chair covers and barrier tape will dress the operatory.

7. Staff will all wear masks and the back team will wear double masks and face shields to protect you and themselves. We will wear N95 masks covered with a disposable surgical level three mask. We will all be wearing disposable surgical gowns. I am sharing this information because I want you to know that we are taking your safety and the safety of our team above the new required standards. This is what you have come to know and expect from Brunswick Family Dental & Implant Center.

8. We have added air AirDoctorPro Purifiers in each of our operatories and waiting rooms to filter any possible germs that are trapped in the air. (Not required but above the standard of care).

9. We have also ordered Extra Chairside Suction units to minimize aerosols and protect our team that you love.

10. We are presently equipping our dental units with single use Zyris Isolite suctions again to minimize any possible aerosols.

11. We have ordered two Large Glass Sneeze guards for our front desk.

12. We are presently working on a patient portal for you to fill out insurance and health forms before your visit.

We are instituting all these measures so that you can rest assured and feel confident that our office is safer for treatment and exceeds the new guidelines that we are asked to follow. Our patients that we have seen this week felt comfortable and were impressed with our new protocols. Our office has Always taken your safety and comfort seriously. We look forward to having you coming back to our office. THANK YOU FOR BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR OFFICE! After all our patients are FAMILY!

Drs. Jacob and Staff

Brunswick Family Dental & Implant Center

Chairside Extraoral Suction

Chairside suction



Watch "Overview of Isolite & Isodry Dental Isolation Systems" on YouTube

Office air purifiers with Ultrahepa filters

Air Doctor Professional


Watch "Air Doctor Professional" on YouTube

Large Glass Sneeze Guards at front desk

Sneeze Guard